A new beginning can start with you.

Young people aged 0-24 make up one third of all homeless people in Australia.

Boys and girls are ending up on the streets to escape situations of domestic and family violence, abuse and neglect. These critical years of childhood and adolescence should be spent pursuing education and employment, not spent in desperation and fear.

These are the years that define a life. At Stepping Stone House, young people can find the security and stability they need to take control of their lives and build a brighter future.

Help provide a safe and nurturing home for young Australians at risk.

For over 30 years, Stepping Stone House has provided safety, education and care for vulnerable young people aged 12-24.

Unlike short-term shelters, we support young people from adolescence through to adulthood and beyond. We are truly in it for the long haul.

With the help of our kind supporters, we have helped more than 500 young people to become self-sufficient and educated young adults.

Through educational development, adventure programs, community volunteering, mentoring and counselling, we equip young people with the self-care and life skills they need to become independent and the very best they can be.

More than a care and accommodation service, Stepping Stone House are busy activists on matters concerning youth experiencing disadvantage. We are currently lobbying to increase the age of Out of Home Care funding from 18 to 21 for all young Australians.

We listen to our young people, we learn from them, and we actively pursue pathways to make the lives of many more kids much more aspiring. We could not do this without a strong and inspiring village of supporters with us at every step of the way.

Four stories to inspire you to get involved.

Meet Daniel

At 16, Daniel was kicked out of home and spent a month on the streets of Sydney.

When he found Stepping Stone House, he found a safe home, support and life-long friends.

Meet Pip

Pip was made homeless at age 15, when she fled a home of drug addiction. Stepping Stone House helped Pip to recover from the trauma of her abuse, and become a strong and independent young woman.

Meet Amanda

Kicked out of home at 12 years old, Amanda felt the world had given up on her. At Stepping Stone House, she received the support and care she desperately needed to survive, and transform her life.

Meet Gabby

Our Future Pathways Program was what Gabby needed to spark inspiration about what to do with her skills and interests.

“You have helped me get my life back on track. I’ve got a job now, I’m in a better routine, I work out regularly and I have a hobby that I really enjoy. The [Stepping Stone House] Future Pathways Program has helped me become a better version of myself and I feel good about myself now.” - Gabby

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You can be a star in the darkness.

Sleep Under the Stars raises money to fund Stepping Stone House services for disadvantaged young people.

By taking part in Sleep Under the Stars, you’re helping more young people stay at Stepping Stone House. You’ll help provide shelter, care and support – and a pathway out of homelessness. Our 2023 goal is to raise $1,200,000 to directly help 48 young people to stay in our services.

It only takes one star to light the darkness. You.