Shine Bright.

Ten ways to become a fundraising star.

Use these tips to reach your fundraising goals. Remember, every dollar you raise will help keep young Australians safe from homelessness.

  1. Light your light.

    Nothing says that you’re serious like making a personal donation. Start the ball rolling and watch the lights get brighter and brighter as your friends and family follow your lead.

  2. Spread the word.

    Tell everyone you know what you’re up to and why. Use social media, email and everyday conversations to talk about the risks that young people face, and why being a star in the darkness is your way of helping.

  3. Share an image.

    We’ve created some beautiful, inspiring images for you to share on your social media. Click here and choose a photo or statement that best captures your reason for supporting Stepping Stone House, and helps get you noticed.

  4. Make a constellation of stars

    Sleeping out is more fun with friends. Put your team together and use your powers for good. The more people involved, the brighter your light. Work together to raise money, share ideas, start conversations and most importantly, support young Australians at risk of homelessness.

    Click here to register your team.

    If you’ve already registered and would like to create a Team Page, please visit here.

    To invite someone to join your team, simply send them your team page link.
    To join an existing team, log into your account here.
    Then visit that team page, click the ‘join team’ button and follow the prompts!

  5. Don’t be afraid to shine bright.

    It’s never easy to ask for money, but there’s only one way to start and that’s by asking. Ask your mum, your dad, your brothers and sisters, or a trusty colleague to donate to your page. Let them know why this is important to you and how much their donation means.

    You can use these examples to show your friends and family that every dollar they donate counts:

    $65 pays for a week’s groceries for a youth at Stepping Stone House

    $125 covers room setup and welcome pack for a homeless young person

    $200 pays the weekly electricity bill for our residential houses

    $500 provides a young person with school uniforms and school supplies for one year

    $2,000 sends a young person on a week-long confidence-building adventure

    $10,000 will support a young person in the Independent Living Program

  6. Make it personal

    Personalise your fundraising page with your picture, and share regular updates with family, friends and colleagues.

    If there’s a personal reason why you’re taking part, share your story. It will inspire more people to support you.

  7. Start with five

    Text five people and ask for a donation of $65. Start with people you know well and feel comfortable with, such as close friends, family, maybe even your manager at work. This will create momentum and encourage others to support you too.

  8. Say thanks.

    When you receive a donation, send a personal thank you. Your gratitude will mean a lot. Public displays of appreciation on social media such as Facebook are also a wonderful way to remind others that you welcome their support. Share pictures of you and your donor, or draw attention to your message by tagging them and using emojis or even fun gifs or memes.

    And always remember to include a link to your fundraising page in the post so that others can donate too.

  9. Use the countdown

    In the days running up to Friday 27 October, you can shine your light even brighter! Tell everyone there’s only so many sleeps to go before the big night. A deadline is a strong motivator! (Don’t forget, you can still raise and send in donations after the event too.)

  10. Share pics on the night

    On the night, share photos of you sleeping out on social media. It will help make it exciting for your supporters, and show them you really are committed to ending youth homelessness!

    We find that a high percentage of donations come in on the night itself.

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